10 November 2016 Microsoft Adds AI to Office 365 With the Acquisition of “Genee”

Microsoft Office 365 is expected to benefit from the acquisition of the artificial intelligence service which can automatically set up coffee meets and more

08 November 2016 Microsoft Adds New Chat-Based Service for Workers

Taking a cue from competing online services like Slack, which let workers chat and share information on the job, Microsoft is adding a new program called "Teams" to its Office 365 suite of internet productivity software.

18 Oktober 2016 OpenCAPI Opens New Realm Of Data Handling

IBM, Google, HPE, Dell, and others have combined resources to promote the OpenCAPI standard, which aims to boost the performance of data center servers tasked with analyzing large amounts of data.

10 Oktober 2016 5 Keys To Sell IT Projects To The Business Effectively

Before you can build an IT project, you have to get funding and support from the business side of your organization. Here are five tips that can help you get your plans green-lit by the executive committee.

04 Oktober 2016 6 Steps To Successful Continuous Deployment Transition

Agile methodologies and DevOps can lay the foundation for continuous deployment, but there are several organizational, cultural, and technological changes that have to occur before they can be put into play. Here are six vital steps to take in your journey toward successful continuous deployment.

28 September 2016 Microsoft Launches Windows Defender App Guard For Its Edge Browser

Microsoft debuts a new tool to strengthen security in its Edge browser for Windows Enterprise customers.

20 September 2016 Microsoft Seizes SaaS Lead From Salesforce

Microsoft is experiencing strong growth in its Azure-based, Dynamics collaborative applications, overtaking Salesforce as the market leader, according to a new report.

16 September 2016 7 Ways IT Pros Can Boost Data Analytics Skills

Whether you are an IT pro looking to add data analytics and data science skills to your repertoire, or you are looking to make a career change from IT to the data analytics field, here are seven tips that can give you a head start.

05 September 2016 Microsoft Adds AI to Office 365 With the Acquisition of “Genee”

Microsoft Office 365 is expected to benefit from the acquisition of the artificial intelligence service which can automatically set up coffee meets and more

29 Agustus 2016 To Protect Enterprise Data, Secure the Code

Responsibility for securing enterprise applications has been moving down the development lifecycle, and for good reason. It not only makes the enterprise more secure, but also saves companies time and money.

22 Agustus 2016 Microsoft Made a Version of Windows 10 for The Chinese Government

If you’re looking to grab Windows 10, there are a lot of versions to choose from: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Mobile, etc. Now it looks like we can add a new one to the list: Windows 10 Chinese Government Edition.

19 Agustus 2016 Microsoft Looks to Bolster Trust in Office 365

Microsoft has made an addition to Office 365 on the security front, with the introduction of a Service Assurance Dashboard to bolster the confidence businesses have in the online productivity suite.

16 Agustus 2016 Microsoft Unveils Enterprise Windows 10, Surface Pay-as-You-Go Plans

Microsoft on Tuesday introduced to attendees at its Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto what amounts to pay-as-you-go plans for the enterprise. One is Windows 10 Enterprise E3 in CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) which is "basically the OS wrapped with security and management delivered as a subscription," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.

09 Agustus 2016 New Office 365 Features Help Build a Better Research Paper

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a slew of cloud-powered intelligent services in Office 365 apps that aim to assist research and writing efforts. Researcher lets users access the Bing Knowledge Graph to find and incorporate sources and content for research papers without leaving Word.

09 Agustus 2016 Windows 10 Is About to Get More Secure, Easier to Use

Microsoft is poised to roll out its Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Tuesday. The free update includes two security innovations for individual customers: Windows Hello for apps and websites; and Windows Defender.

09 Agustus 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Software

There are six separate products that make up the Microsoft Dynamics family: Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and SL are enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions; Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s customer relationship management offering; Microsoft Dynamics RMS - short for retail management system - is Microsoft’s retail business software offering.

01 Agustus 2016 Three Reasons To Select Microsoft Dynamics

Making the decision to implement a new business management system is a process that requires research and foresight. Here are three top reasons why businesses have selected Microsoft Dynamics.

01 Agustus 2016 Microsoft Dynamics AX Features

Today’s global marketplace is more than interconnected—it’s a world without borders. The right business management solution can help people work quickly and effectively, manage growth and change, and meet the demands of globalization.

31 Juli 2016 Grow Beyond Accounting Software

Grow sales, manage your financials, streamline your operations, and delight your customers with a complete, familiar, and trusted solution from Microsoft.

31 Juli 2016 Microsoft Dynamics AX Launches On Azure Worldwide

Microsoft is announcing the global availability of its upgraded Dynamics AX. The flagship ERP software, which enables businesses to run operations from the Azure cloud, is now available in 137 markets and 40 languages.

29 Juli 2016 Microsoft Power BI Makeover: 6 Big Improvements

The new Power BI Make over with 6 Big Improvements has been release by Microsoft and letting anyone with an email account sign up ...

29 Juli 2016 Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

Work smarter than ever before with intelligent tools for the modern workplace. Bringing together the best from Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster and fuel business growth