18 Oktober 2016

IBM, Google, HPE, Dell, and others have combined resources to promote the OpenCAPI standard, which aims to boost the performance of data center servers tasked with analyzing large amounts of data.

Applications analyzing machine data, a busy website's traffic, or big data want to drink that data from a firehose, not a straw. For that, IBM, Google, and partners have launched OpenCAPI, the open source Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface.

Intel's traditional x86 architecture started out as the basis for personal computers and has been adapted for use in servers. But its data handling characteristics didn't envision needs that would be generated through e-commerce, web, and data analysis systems.

The OpenCAPI standard is aimed at counteracting those limitations.

It allows accelerator boards to be linked to a server's CPU and main memory, and move data at high rates of I/O between them. The result is a server architecture that's been modified enough to move data at up to 10X its previous speeds, a spokesman for the newly formed OpenCAPI Consortium said during the Oct. 14 announcement.